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QMED, August 2015 6 Things You Need to Know About Laser Wire Stripping Glenn Ogura and Sergey Broude, Resonetics This article includes the basics to get you started in the world of laser wire stripping for medtech.
QMED, August 2015 The Ins and Outs of Laser Process Validation Scott Marchand Davis, Resonetics When using laser micromachining, it is crucial to select the appropriate method of process qualification or validation.
Medical Products Outsourcing, February 2015 Machining & Laser Processing: A Matter of Microns Mark Crawford This article extensively quotes Resonetics SVP Glenn Ogura.
Medical Design Technology, January 2015 High Density Micro-hole Arrays Lighting up the Future of Life Science Applications Rong Gu, Resonetics Excimer laser micomachining can drill the smaller and denser micro-aperture arrays used in advanced life sciences applications such as DNA sequencing.
Today's Medical Developments, October 2014 Optical microscopy measures up as life-science devices miniaturize Scott Marchand Davis, Scott Pollock and Jerome DeGuzman, Resonetics The miniaturization of life-science devices is following a technology trend similar to that of the semiconductor and microelectronic industries.
QMED, August 2014 When Laser Ablation of Parylene Makes Sense David L. Wall, Resonetics Laser ablation of parylene offers superior capability for challenging applications.
QMED, July 2014 6 Ways Laser Processing Can Overcome Braided Polymer Shaft Challenges Matt Johnson, Resonetics Laser micromachining offers the precision and capability to machine braided polymer shafts.
Plastec West, Feb 2014 Laser Micromachining of Polymer-based Life Sciences Devices (zip file) Glenn Ogura, Resonetics A copy of the presentation Glenn Ogura delivered at Plastec West.
Plastics Today, Jan 2014 Laser's edge in micromachining medical plastic parts Norbert Sparrow This article extensively quotes Resonetics SVP Glenn Ogura.
QMED, Jan 2014 How Lasers Are Changing MedTech Chris Newmarker This article extensively quotes Resonetics SVP Glenn Ogura.
Medical Design, Jul/Aug 2013 Laser Technology is Big for Mini Device Surfaces Diwakar Ramanathan, Resonetics Laser micromachining of polymers is advancing the miniaturization of invasive medical devices such as peripheral vascular stents, drug delivery catheters, and embolic filters with feature sizes ranging from 1-mm down to 1-µm and tolerances as low as 2 to 5% of the feature size.
Tech Briefs, Jun 2013 White paper: Primer on Laser Micromachining of Polymer-Based Life Science Products Glenn Ogura and Rong Gu, Resonetics Laser micromachining of polymer-based products offers challenges when the feature sizes and tolerances range from 1 micrometer (0.00004”) to 1 mm (0.040”) and the machining depth does not exceed 1 mm (0.040”).
Industrial Laser Solutions for Manufacturing,
May-June 2013
Laser micro-etching of polymer-based life science products (see pages 11-14) Glenn Ogura, Resonetics Laser micro-etching is a controlled process where etch rates are quantified at the submicron level.
Commercial Micro Manufacturing, Feb 2012 Fundamentals of Laser Micro Machining Polymers in the Life Science Industry Glenn Ogura, Resonetics Laser micromachining is a critical process for meeting the demands of the life sciences industry.
Today's Medical Developments, Dec 2012 Micromachining Diwakar Ramanathan, Resonetics The right technology for manufacturing balloons and catheters can result in a range of design elements.
Medical Design Briefs,
Dec 2012
Advantages of Laser Micromachining for Balloons and Catheters Diwakar Ramanathan, Resonetics Laser micromachining improves device quality and lowers costs.
Industrial Laser Solutions for Manufacturing,
Dec 2012
Laser Micro-Cutting of Polymer-Based Life-Science Devices PDF Icon Sergey Broude & Glenn Ogura, Resonetics Better lasers and processes must continue to be developed.
Industrial Laser Solutions for Manufacturing,
Jul 2012
Micro-hole Drilling with Lasers Sergey Broude, Resonetics Comparing direct-write vs. mask projection for medical device manufacturing.
Medical Design Technology,
Feb 2012
Laser Micromachining for Manufacturing of Medical Implants PDF Icon David L. Wall, Resonetics Laser micromachining has enabled advances in manufacturing medical implants.
Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MDDI), Mar 2012 Lower Costs by Laser Micromachining Polymer-Based Medical Devices PDF Icon Glenn Ogura, Resonetics Laser micromachining helps speed development time and reduce time to market, as well as lower costs.
Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MDDI), Jan 2008 Harnessing Laser Ablation for Polymer-Based Devices Glenn Ogura, Resonetics Laser ablation can help automate the manufacturing process and help medical OEMs keep processes in-house.
Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MDDI), Mar 2006 Laser Micromachining the Key to Making Small 3-D Devices PDF Icon Glenn Ogura, Resonetics & Ruediger Hack, Coherent, Inc. Manufacturing tools based on an ultraviolet excimer laser offer a combination of high precision and fast throughput for plastics and other organics.
Feb 2006
Excimer Lasers: Rugged Reliability is Key to Application Growth PDF Icon Dr. Tobias Damn, Coherent Lambda Physik GmbH Resonetics is prominently mentioned in this article on easy-to-use excimer lasers and the benefits they bring to diverse applications.
Industrial Laser Solutions for Manufacturing,
Jun 2006
A Range of Medical Applications PDF Icon   Resonetics is mentioned in this article on the benefits of laser micromachining for intra-vascular devices.
Nature Materials,
Dec 2008
Accordion-Like Honeycombs for Tissue Engineering of Cardiac Anisotropy PDF Icon   The role of accordion-like honeycombs in overcoming principal structural–mechanical limitations of previous scaffolds. A Resonetics system was used in the research.
Laser Focus World,
Jun 2001
Laser Stripping of Optical Fibers Opens up New Applicatons PDF Icon Glenn Ogura, Resonetics Automation of laser stripping helps fiberoptic components move more rapidly to volume production. A new noncontact process produces high yields and high tensile strength.