Laser System Design and Fabrication

For more than 25 years, Resonetics has designed and manufactured laser micromachining workstations to solve new manufacturing challenges. Having the systems expertise in-house allows us to move quickly and to be able to design purpose-built production lines that meet specific client needs for precision and cost-effectiveness.

We typically build the systems for our own use, but at times, clients may also need their own in-house laser processing capability. We will work with them to provide a turnkey solution including training and service.  Sometimes, Resonetics will continue as a secondary supplier to ensure continuity of supply and to aid with disaster recovery planning of critical components.  

Our comprehensive team of optics designers and electrical, software and mechanical engineers ensure that the systems are of the highest quality. The systems process a variety of materials with feature sizes from a couple of microns to a few millimeters. For optimum beam utilization, they can be configured with standard and custom beam delivery.

Reel-to-reel handler

Reel to Reel

Wire stripper

Wire Stripper

Catheter driller

Catheter Driller

Excimer laser system

Excimer Laser

Laser Technologies

We integrate a variety of laser technologies into these systems. The specific laser systems include:

    • Excimer (193nm, 248nm)
    • DPSS (1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, 266nm)
    • CO2 (10.6um, 9.4um)
    • Femtosecond (1550nm, 1064nm)
    • Picosecond (1064nm, 532nm, 355nm)

Material Formats

The laser systems handle 2-D and 3-D components with a high degree of consistency and reliability.  The material formats they handle include:  

    • Flat sheets (up to 12”x12” typically)
    • Tubes (.004” to .025” diameter)
    • Wires
    • Web (2” wide and wider)
    • Individual components

In-line Process Controls

The systems are built with in-line process controls such as:

    • In- line power/energy meter
    • Beam profiler
    • Machine vision for alignment and/or inspection
    • Autofocus sensor for part height detection
    • End point detection for end of ablation detection