Bioresorbable Scaffolds or Stents

Three views of a bioresorbable scaffold

Bioresorbable Stent

Resonetics has been at the forefront providing laser micromachining on bioresorbable materials for over a decade. As bioresorbable devices, which are absorbed or dissolve in the patient, become more prevalent, our experience machining and handling these novel materials can help you incorporate this exciting material science into your next-generation device.

Bioresorbable Materials Processing - Experience and Expertise

Our dedicated engineering and operations team is trained in all aspects of bioresorbable material handling, storage and processing. Using UV laser technology, Resonetics has been cutting stents and other support scaffolds from bioresorbable material for more than 10 years, offering unparalleled expertise with this special family of polymers.

We will partner with your design team and provide feedback on material-laser interaction, cutting patterns and tube or sheet dimensions. By incorporating this design for manufacturability early in the process, we help you save time and money downstream.

Laser-focused Attention to Detail

We perform laser cutting of bioresorbable stents on proprietary stent cutting systems in a class 8 (100,000) cleanroom. Quality engineers use various metrology tools to help characterize the laser process.

Since the bioresorbable material is susceptible to moisture and humidity, the raw material is stored in a dry nitrogen environment.  To protect the material during laser processing, an oxygen-free environment is provided. Packaging and storage is in vials and fully opaque bags, which are vacuum or nitrogen sealed with optional desiccant.

Ultrafast Laser Processing

Resonetics offers ultrafast laser processing of bioresorbable materials . Our ultrafast femtosecond and picosecond lasers operate at IR and UV wavelengths. These lasers offer a combination of intense power and speed that lets them operate without transferring heat to the surrounding area, resulting in especially clean cuts with minimal or no bulk material damage.

Resonetics offers the device industry the most comprehensive laser solutions for bioresorbable material processing, spanning the entire light spectrum.