3-D software mapping

3D Software Mapping

Resonetics offers high resolution metrology to complement our laser micromachining services. As an ISO 13485:2003 certified organization, our quality department works closely with the engineers in the development lab and production floor to ensure compliance to specifications.

Resonetics routinely provides inspection data and statistical analysis to reduce incoming inspection costs for our customers.

Measurement Scopes

We use OGP SmartScope® and other measurement scopes for automated and semi-automated measurements of hole size and location in diagnostic sensors, balloon catheters, filters and bioresorbable stents. These state-of-the-art instruments can measure feature sizes as small as 5 microns. The scopes also enable in-process SPC and snapshot views to alert operators to a drifting process via visual cues. For process development, a Keyence® confocal laser/optical microscope provides 3D surface imaging with z-axis resolution to 6nm, enabling detailed views of complex features such as chamfered or rounded cut edges, as well as blind holes or cuts.

End-point detection interface

End Point Detection Interface

Catheter Measurement

Our catheter measurement stations have custom-built stages and tooling to handle long formats with laser ablation regions exceeding 30 inches. 500x magnification Nikon optical microscopes offer high-precision capability for feature sizes as small as 1-2 microns.

Visual Inspections

We offer 100-percent visual inspection of laser-machined products in many cases; stereo-microscopes up to 80x are available at multiple systems to allow in-process checks.  Profilometers help to gauge depth and quality of blind channels.

Built-in Laser System Metrology

Our laser systems have built-in control mechanisms that inspect and determine laser pulse dose and/or acceptance criteria.



End-point detection allows for determination of lasing time for drilling holes in thick materials.

Laser stripping systems use in-line cameras to gauge strip lengths. High resolution Keyence systems check for material flatness and compensate for laser position to ensure very high precision holes and cuts.

A Comprehensive Approach to Metrology

In addition to in-house metrology equipment, Resonetics also works closely with analytical laboratory partners that provide SEM, EDS and FTIR analysis of samples.

With all the capabilities that we have on hand, no feature is too small to characterize!

Keyence image of a contoured cavity drilled in plastic

Keyence Screenshot

Keyence laser confocal microscope

Keyence Microscope

SmartScope® is a registered trademark of Quality Vision International, Inc., the parent company of Optical Gaging Products, Inc. Keyence® is a registered trademark of Keyence Corporation.